WACQUA™ Led Shower Head

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Make showers magical with our wonderful colour-changing LED Showerhead.

Showering has never been so much fun than with this fantastic and totally unique gift. The showerhead’s built-in LEDs ingeniously light up the water, making it appear to glow! It even features four different colours which automatically change based on the temperature of the water.

Details: Case Material: ABS + Stainless Steel Color: Silver Diameter: 8.5 cm  Features:

1. Ultra-quiet, no batteries and external power supply, it will illuminate after inducing the water, the principle-flow generation

2. Easy Installation

3. Each shower process a wonderful experience

4. Safe use without batteries

5. Fits all standard connector

6. No battery is needed

7. Multiple Color: When water flows down, the LED will show alternately and automatically with 7 different colors. Brightness is such enough even no other lighting fixtures need. The change of LED color will not be subject to the temperature of water.